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Health Care Advocate - Frequently Asked Questions  
What is care management? 
The services of a professional who coordinates care to help individuals age with dignity. A care manager identifies the problem, explores the best possible solution, and serves as a liaison between clients, health professionals and families close by or across the country. 

When do I call?
In a time of crisis, when a loved one needs short or on-going help, if the health status of a loved one or living situation changes drastically, or if a move to a safer more appropriate level of care is needed.

What is the skill level of the care manager?
Childers & Coventry has two Licensed Practical Nurses with many years of experience. An initial meeting will be scheduled where the family/friend will meet the care manager who will possibly be assigned to the case.

If my loved one is already in a facility how could care management improve the situation?
Many times a loved one is in a retirement community/assisted living or even a nursing home, with a limited number of employees; care managers will visit regularly to ensure that the resident is receiving the attention and care that is needed.
They will monitor medications, attend doctor’s appointments if necessary, and make sure that there is a level of activity that is appropriate.

Can my loved one remain in their own home?
Our care managers will make an initial assessment to determine whether an individual can safely remain in their home. Often this is possible when a homecare company is brought in to assist in the activities of daily living and a care plan is devised and monitored by the care manager. In the event that the client can no longer remain in their own home the care manager can assist with the transition to a more appropriate level of care.

Do care managers only work with Geriatric clients?
Our care managers are skilled in assisting clients of all ages, disabilities, health concerns and injuries.