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Roger T. Coventry is a partner & Director of Estate Services for Childers & Coventry, LLC, a private fiduciary firm in Maricopa County. He was a collegiate wrestler at North Idaho College in Coeur d’ Alene where he earned an Associate’s Degree in Psychology prior to joining the Army. He served eight (8) years active duty as an infantryman/paratrooper and is a combat veteran. He was one of six soldiers in his class to complete the Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (S.E.R.E.) Instructor course conducted by the Army Special Operations Command.

Roger earned a B.S. in Business Management Information Systems and an M.B.A. from Arizona State University, and a Juris Doctorate from Concord Law School. Prior to joining Childers & Coventry, Roger was the Deputy Director for the Maricopa County Public Fiduciary. He has presented at local, state, and national level conferences on fiduciary-related topics. He has been selected as an expert witness for fiduciary-related litigation. Roger was instrumental in developing a Financial Abuse Specialist Team in Maricopa County and assisted in training of local law enforcement professionals in the investigation of financial exploitation.

Roger is a past director for the Central Arizona Estate Planning Council. He is a past President of the Arizona Fiduciaries Association. He also served as past President of Media Masters (a Toastmasters organization).

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Roger T. Coventry
Coy Vernon is licensed fiduciary, principal, and Director at Childers and Coventry, LLC. Coy oversees the marshaling, inventory, valuation, and security of all real and personal property assets owned by the estates we administer. In this role, he works closely with numerous industry professionals in support of our various fiduciary duties.

In addition to asset management, Coy assists in the supervision of our Care Managers who provide internal consultancy and expertise in client placement, advocacy, medication management/oversight, and related services. In one involving a medical emergency, Coy travelled to central America and successfully located, advocated for necessary medical treatment to stabilize the client for travel, and coordinated transportation with customs and embassy personal to obtain approval to leave Central America and re-enter the U.S. (without the client’s passport). His intervention saved the client from amputation that would have been necessary without the timely medical intervention he was able to procure.

Coy is an alumnus of the University of Arizona, a licensed Real Estate Agent, and a licensed contractor in the state of Arizona. Prior to joining Childers and Coventry, Coy managed a real estate investment firm in southern Arizona where he oversaw the acquisition, capitalization, market positioning, liquidation, and accounting for numerous distressed real property assets throughout Arizona. Coy also assisted in raising private capital investment, assisted in the structuring of entities to hold various real property assets, and assisted his senior partners in structuring entities to provide for the protection of assets for their clients. Additionally, Coy managed a portfolio of rental properties throughout southern Arizona.

Outside of work, Coy enjoys participating in endurance activities, including: Mt. Lemmon Marathon (full), Ultra Relay Runs (198 miles with four participants), ocean swims (La Jolla Rough Water Swim), and when time allows climbing, hiking, fishing, surfing, and many other outdoor activities. To contact Coy, please email him at
Coy Vernon